We have teamed up with @kamperhaug to bring you loads of inspiration and motivation to a more active lifestyle. Kamperhaug share our vision, that a long-term approach in training is what makes us feel good and remain strong. No stress & few don’ts, only sustainable shapes!

In “Sustainable shapes” Vol.2 we will focus on push-ups! Push-ups must surely be one of the most common exercises. No wonder! Push-ups activates both chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and core, serving as one of the most efficient bodyweight movements you can do.

Despite being such a common exercise, it’s not so easy to perform. So for all of you who always wanted to do a real push-up, but never knew how – here’s a guide for you!


To start. Choose whether you want to work with the elbows close or far to your body, what differs the two variations is if you want to focus on the back of the arm (close) or the chest (far). Of course you can vary between these two variations if you want.


 Find power using the back of your arms and back. For the push-up with elbows close, you have to screw in your elbows against your body and find control in the shoulder blades. The same applies

when you work with a wide grip, you also need to remember to lower the shoulders so that they are as far possible from the ears.

Push-up nr.2


Place your arms straight under your shoulders, choose whether you want to work on your toes or knees. Tighten your stomach (plank position), throughout the whole movement and keep the neck straight and strong. I see a lot people who forget to keep their neck when starting to get tired, which makes them miss out on a lot of good workout, like boosting the posture of the 

upper part of the back including the neck.

Push-up nr.3


If you want to start off a little bit easier, do your push up against a railing or a bench the first two weeks. After that you can try out on your knees or the explosive once that I am going to describe below..

Push-up nr.4


The explosive push-up is a good and easy variation that quickly helps you find the right muscles to be able to advance to the knee or toe position. Do an explosive push-up by coming all the way down to the ground with your chest, lifting the arms from the ground and then push off with full force while you tighten your stomach all you’ve got. Come back to the knee or toe position.

 To have a good posture is the most important thing about this exercise. A good tip is to film yourself to see how your posture looks like throughout the exercise, then compare it with the pictures above. Take some time to really find the technique!

 Start at a level that is reasonable for you, do the same version of the Push up 3 times/week for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks, then take it to the next level.

 Set and reps: 1-15 x 1-4 (depending on how strong you feel.)

Good luck :)

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