You are looking for resistance bands?
Our elastic training bands are fitness products that can be used both at home and at the gym. Resistance bands are an effective training tool for functional training and are available in several resistance strengths, so you can adapt the training. They also come in a small bag that is perfect to put the ties in when you want to bring them on the training trip. Booty bands are very popular right now and there are many training tips to find for solid and round buttocks, as well as for legs and shoulders. Training bands fit well for home training and gives you strength, flexibility, agility and stability, making it the perfect tool for rehabilitation.

You would like to have a fun workout gear?
Jump high! Our skipping ropes are designed for some serious speed so get ready to escalate towards your goals! Have fun while training your body with our skipping ropes! 

You would like to have a relaxing workout gear?
Our massage ball will help you! The aim'n trigger ball is designed to provide deep tissue compression for the relief of muscle aches and pains. 

You are often thirsty and looking for a stylish water bottle?
We have the water bottle that suits all activities, with handles that make it easy to bring out on the outing, day trips and longer walks. Our water bottle has a large logo and it is available in several different colors. Also, our water bottles are BPA-free and can be used for any kind of exercise or just to have on the desk so you always have water available in the office.