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  1. Silver Boost Bottle
    Silver Boost Bottle
    Sale $23.79 Regular Price $27.99
  2. Mint Resistance Band
    Mint Resistance Band
    Sale $13.99 Regular Price $19.99
  3. Skipping Rope
    Skipping Rope
    Sale $7.50 Regular Price $14.99

❤️ WOW! Thanks for 5 amazing years #aimntribe ❤️

5 years ago, we wanted to create something unique - an activewear brand by women for women! Since the day aim’n was born our aim has been to inspire and motivate you to an active lifestyle, and to remind you that no dream is ever to big!

We are so happy that you like our activewear and are a part of our community, without you we wouldn’t be here!