Silver Boost Bottle

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Looking for the ultimate drink bottle? Well look no further! Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours! This stainless steel bottle is a must have for your everyday life. It simply B O O S TS your life and keeps you hydrated! 

Before using the bottle, open it for a night to let go of the smell.  Then put boiled water to wash it for 1-2 times.

This bottle keeps liquid cold for 20h-24h and warm for 10h-12h depending on the environment, surrounding and what kind of liquid that's inside. 

Product Details

Material: 100% stainless steel

- Keep your liquid cold for 24h and warm for 12h
- 500 ml stainless steel water bottle
- Handle 
- Removable top 
- Engraved aim’n logo
- Machine wash