Our story

Our story

aim’n (eymin)
- to constantly strive

This is the story of aim’n and us
– Tekla and Helen, two happy, creative girls with big dreams from Sweden.

In autumn 2013 we got tired of wearing dull and uninspiring sportswear while doing the activities we love, among them surfing, kitesurfing, yoga, running and good old gym workout. The dream of aim’n was born to boost, inspire and motivate ourselves and others with up to date design, happy colors and prints inspired by our childhood, life, nature and our favourite things.

When we told people about our dream they were laughing at us and told us to stop dreaming before we lost all our money. We stayed confident and were convinced that we weren't the only ones lacking happy pants on the activewear market.

Four years later we have sold our products to more than 130 countries, having well over 100 000 satisfied customers, got 17 retailers in 8 different countries and (the best of all) having a huge aim’n Tribe of happy and inspiring aim’n girls all over the world.

We are so incredible thankful for you making our dream possible and the way to thank you is to spread inspiring messages and motivating products to make you believe that no dream are too big, believe in yourself, do it with PASSION and never ever give up. Quitters never win, winners never quit!

XO Tekla, Helen and our wonderful crew!

Our aim is to inspire and motivate you to your active lifestyle,
- What’s your aim? <3