Sustainable shapes by @kamperhaug

We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with @kamperhaug to bring you loads of inspiration and motivation to a more active lifestyle. Kamperhaug share our vision, that a long-term approach in training is what makes us feel good and remain strong. No stress & few don’ts, only sustainable shapes!

You will get a monthly update with Kamperhaugs best exercises and workout tips that focus on how your whole body is connected. It's all about sustainable shapes.

“This workout will focus on our abs. Abs and core are important muscle groups, that hold up our bodies both during workouts and in everyday life. A strong core helps us to get a better technique in all types of workouts, such as running and strength.

For the exercises below, you need to focus on control more than number of reps. If you need more control, do the exercises on your knees, and if you can’t hold your lower back against the ground, try to do the exercise with shorter movements. Choose if you want to do the exercises as a circle or to complete one at a time. And remember to work on your control, use slow movements, and try to find a constant suction in the abs.”

/Alexandra Kamperhaug

kamperhag crunch crunch kamperhaug

Crunch with straight arms
How to: Align arms towards a point in the ceiling and keep the direction straight through the exercise, with or without a weight. Lift your chest toward the ceiling, but do not let the lower back leave the ground. Work slowly up with your arms to the ceiling and brace on the way down.
Why: This exercise gives both shape and activity in the deep abdominal muscle.
Quantity: 8-14 with or without weight x 4 laps

workout abs workout

Plank positions with straight arms and leg twist
How: Get in plank position, draw in your navel toward your spine (keep the tension throughout the exercise). Then lift one leg and let it alternately face the elbow, alternately turned under the body. Work slowly with control.
Why: We work with the deep and lateral abdominal muscles
Quantity: 5-10 on each leg x 4 laps.

core workoutcore workoutcore workout

Leg lifts and crisscross 
How: Lay with your legs extended of the floor, crisscross your feet over and under, start from the floor and work your way up. The next round you will work with your legs straight, lifting them up against the ceiling and down again. If you can’t hold your lower back against the floor, try to not falling down so close to the floor with your legs, or do the exercise with one leg at a time. 
 Strength of the straight and the external oblique abdominal muscle.

Quantity: 5-10 reps of crisscross and leg raises x 4 laps.