Long Sleeve Tops

  1. Pink Sweatshirt
    Pink Sweatshirt
    Sale €33.59 Regular Price €47.99
  2. White Long Sleeve Crop
    White Long Sleeve Crop
    Sale €32.50 Regular Price €64.99
  3. Black Sweatshirt
    Black Sweatshirt
    Sale €24 Regular Price €47.99
  4. Grey Sweatshirt
    Grey Sweatshirt
    Sale €33.59 Regular Price €47.99
  5. Navy Long Sleeve
    Navy Long Sleeve
    Sale €25 Regular Price €49.99
  6. Burgundy Long Sleeve
    Burgundy Long Sleeve
    Sale €34.99 Regular Price €49.99
  7. Black Bomber Jacket
    Black Bomber Jacket
    Sale €45 Regular Price €89.99
  8. Pink Bomber Jacket
    Pink Bomber Jacket
    Sale €45 Regular Price €89.99
  9. Green Bomber Jacket
    Green Bomber Jacket
    Sale €45 Regular Price €89.99
  10. Black Crop Sweatshirt
    Black Crop Sweatshirt
    Sale €33.59 Regular Price €47.99
  11. White Sweatshirt
    White Sweatshirt
    Sale €24 Regular Price €47.99
  12. Nude Sweatshirt
    Nude Sweatshirt
    Sale €14.40 Regular Price €47.99


We offer a variety of long-sleeved shirts, whether you are looking for shirts with moisture-wicking properties, crop-fit or casual cotton shirts - you will find something for you.

Looking for a long sleeve top for your workout? 
We have several different shirts with long sleeves, both with and without zipper. Our workout jerseys are made of a flexible material that allows you to get your maximum capacity out during your running training. We have something that suits everyone, whether you like when it is loose, or want it to sit tight to hold your stomach. Most of our sleek linen is made of polyester, which makes them very flexible and flexible in their fit. We have training peaks to suit all types of exercise, whether you are going to yoga, gym or out and running. 

You want a cozy sweatshirt to combine with your sweatpants and tights?
We have cool hooded shirts in cropped model. It fits perfectly to a pair of tights or a pair of soft pants. Our lovely sweatshirts are also really nice to wear under one of our fabulous jackets.