Sports Bra

  1. X Bra
    X Bra
  2. Vivid Cheetah Bra
    Vivid Cheetah Bra
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  3. Anaconda Bra
    Anaconda Bra
    Sale €24.49 Regular Price €34.99
  4. Freedom Tribe Bra
    Freedom Tribe Bra
    Sale €24.49 Regular Price €34.99
  5. Navy Logo Bra
    Navy Logo Bra
    Sale €19 Regular Price €37.99
  6. Green Melange Bra
    Green Melange Bra
    Sale €26.59 Regular Price €37.99
  7. Rosé Power Bra
    Rosé Power Bra
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  8. Bold Spirit Bra
    Bold Spirit Bra
    Sale €19 Regular Price €37.99
  9. Strength Short Sleeve Crop
    Strength Short Sleeve Crop
    Sale €16.50 Regular Price €54.99
  10. Eden Logo Bra
    Eden Logo Bra
    Sale €24.49 Regular Price €34.99
  11. White Zip Crop
    White Zip Crop
    Sale €25 Regular Price €49.99
  12. Black Zip Crop
    Black Zip Crop
    Sale €25 Regular Price €49.99
  13. Navy Crop Top
    Navy Crop Top
    Sale €20 Regular Price €39.99
  14. Navy Tribe Bra
    Navy Tribe Bra
    Sale €17.50 Regular Price €34.99


The world's best sports bras to suit every workout, from low to high impact. Our colorful and patterned sports bras provide you support with maximum comfort. They are made of the same moisture wicking material as our leggings.
Having the right sports bra let you focus on your performance, so you can compete in comfort. aim'n carries sports bras with different levels of support for your breast, so you can find the bra that is best suited for your activity.

What does sports bra support mean?
• Low support sports bras are great for low impact workouts like Pilates, Yoga and general conditioning.
• Medium support sports bras are designed for workouts like circuit training, hiking and spin classes.
• High support sports bras are perfect for high impact sports like running, aerobics and mountain biking.

Another sports bra feature to keep in mind is how the back is cut:
• Racer back sports bras feature a Y shape in the back that provides increased airflow and keeps you cool.
• X-back sports bras can provide extra support and allow for extra adjustment to how the bra fits.

At aimn.com, every sports bra is designed to support your needs as an athlete. We hope these tips will be useful while buying your next sports bra online with aimn.com.

You want to look sporty and chic at the same time?
Browse prints, low impact, high impact, ribbed and racerback. Working out never looked so good in our fabulous sport bras.