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our tights are designed to take you effortlessly from brunch to burpees. Shop our softest tights that keep you comfortable and on trend, no matter what your day has in store.

Our popular and comfortable tights are designed to make you feel happy and to give you extra confidence when you do the activities you love.Our goal is to offer the best quality and fit, latest style and trendy design! Whether you like inspiring patterns and colorful workout leggings or plain-colored, with details, we have something for you.

What is the best about aim'n tights?

aim'n tights are both comfortable and practical and are designed by women for women. The stretchy, cut-out material is moisture-repellent and made of a non-transparent fabric. Which makes those leggings the ultimate gym leggings as they are not transparent or give visible sweat stains.

Do you often practice jogging?

Don't worry, our running tights do not slide down when you run, they stay in place on your hip! Our tights are just as good for high intensity training, running and gym, as for low intensity training such as yoga and powerwalks.
We also offer a unique design in many different colors. aim'n tights are a must in every workout wardrobe and are equally suitable for the gym as for streetwear.

Which material are aim'n tights made of?

Our tights are made of polyester and elastane, a functional material with high breathability that removes moisture, which means that the sweat is not visible on the tights. Even during really sweaty workouts, the tights stay free of sweat stains. When you wear our leggings, you also do not need to worry that they will be transparent when you bend, our gymtights are squat proof, which means that you can make squats and lunge steps without having a transparent fabric. The stretch fabric gives great freedom of movement, which makes the tights suitable for all types of activities.

How do I choose the right tights?

We have many different models to choose from, both long, short, colorful, patterned and black. We have something that fits almost everybody and shape. Do you like high-waist-tights? For those who want extra support over their stomach, you can choose our popular leggings with a waist that goes above the navel, which is good for holding in and shaping the stomach, but they can also be fold down to the desired height.
Our tights with a normal waist have a small thicker elastic band so they stay well on the hips during movement. They are also designed with a nice silhouette at the back to emphasize and shape the butt. You can also choose between tights with a big aim’n logo and two lines or a more discreet aim’n logo. A good thing to consider when shopping gymtights online is to start from the type of training you usually do. If you want to do yoga, you can test our classic full-length training tights in black with two stripes around the leg. The training tights with two lines are also available in other colors. You can fold up our tights if you want them a little shorter. You can combine our different training clothes in a stylish combo, choose the look for your mood and activity.

How do I treat my tights, so they last a long time?

You can extend the life of the tights by following our care instructions. Wash your function tights at a maximum of 30 degrees and without rinse aid, as this can ruin the compression of the leggings, moisture removal and elasticity. The tights must not be tumble-dried and if you want you can use a laundry bag to protect the running tights from other garments with Velcro or sharp details. You should also consider putting on your aim'ns as you put on a pair of pantyhose. Step one is to pull the tights over the toes and the foot, then through the entire heel. After that you can successively wood the tights upwards in a series of soft movements over what, knees and thighs. That way, the leggings keep their shape, they also make you get the compression on top of the right muscles! Our training pants are stretchable, but still regain their original shape after the wash.

You are looking for seamless tights and a sporty outfit?

In our seamless collection you can work out and relax with incredible comfort. Thanks to the seamless tights with good breathability and flexibility, you get seamless training tights that are perfect for your workout. Combine with our seamless long-sleeved shirts and bras from the same collection, mix and match seamless tights and tops for a trendy and seamless outfit.

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