Long Sleeves, Tank tops & T-shirts

Long sleeves, tank tops & t-shirts

We have a large selection of tops, sports bras, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters for women. Show more

Our tops are chic, comfortable and practical at the same time. Our assortment has something for everyone!

Do you like to train in a t-shirt?

Or are you often too hot and do you enjoy your training better in cooler garments such as sport tops and workout linens? - We have a large selection of training tops, jackets and sweaters. Shop comfortably and safely from home when shopping online at aimn.com. We have functional jerseys with style, with moisture-repellent properties and made of an elastic material that gives you full freedom of movement when exercising. We are committed to manufacturing quality garments that allow you to give everything during the training and give you the opportunity to be professional when practicing your sport. If you run high-intensity passports, we have functional garments that breathe but are still tight against the body. For a bit calmer training and leisure activities, we also have more loose-fitting sweatshirts in cotton, both in short and long model.

Looking for a long sleeve top for your workout?

We have several different shirts with long sleeves, both with and without zipper. Our workout jerseys are made of a flexible material that allows you to get your maximum capacity out during your running training. We have something that suits everyone, whether you like when it is loose, or want it to sit tight to hold your stomach. We also have cool hooded shirts in cropped model. It fits perfectly to a pair of tights or a pair of soft pants. Our lovely sweatshirts are also really nice to wear under one of our fabolous jackets.
Most of our sleek linen is made of polyester, which makes them very flexible and flexible in their fit. We have training peaks to suit all types of exercise, whether you are going to yoga, gym or out and running. We have our popular tank tops that are necked at the armpits, which makes it very airy and cool during exercise.
A cotton t-shirt can fit well when doing a slightly calmer workout, they breathe and are soft to the skin. We have t-shirts with V-neckline in a lady model that is close to the figure. You can also choose to take a small larger size if you want a loose-fit fit, it will be the perfect base garment and is neat to wear during a workout jacket.

You are looking for the perfect training singlet?

Our tank tops are designed for workouts and everyday wear. Our women's singlets help keeping you dry and comfortable by wicking sweat away from skin to the fabric’s surface, where it quickly evaporates. These tank-tops are a must have in your wardrobe.

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