Adventure more - aim'n adventure Spain


- Boost yourself!

3rd - 7th October, 2018, we had our dreamy aim’n adventure in beautiful Alicante. It was a dreamy week filled with inspiration and motivation mixed with a lot of laughter and good times. The theme of the week was: Boost yourself, the aim was to boost everyone to live their best life and to give them valuable tips on how to achieve their dreams. 

It was a 5 days long week filled with daily activities such as; sunrise yoga, SUP yoga, workout classes on the beach, empowering workshops, local adventures, and amazing dinners. To see a group of women, from different places around the world, come so close to each other within only a few days was truly amazing. 

I’ll never forget one of all the special moments, we were sitting at the beach in the sunrise after the last workout of the week. The whole group of women was sitting in the sand, facing the sea with closed eyes. You could really feel the early sun touching your body at the same time as you heard the sounds from the waves. 

We sat their quite for a couple of minutes and I said some words to the group.

It was a magical moment which is hard to describe, I had such a great feeling in my whole body and you could feel the energy from all the women around you. When all of us opened our eyes, everyone looked so so happy and thankful, we hugged each other, and all of us were fulfilled with energy and felt ready to go back home and continually boost our everyday life and set up new goals to achieving new dreams. 

- Felicia, event manager for aim’n adventure Alicante, Spain.