The nicest tights ever that hug my body perfectly. Comfortable and so stylish, works for every occasion. Not see-through. I have to buy some more colours!

Frida Å

I have so many tights and these are my absolute favourites. The quality is fantastic. You feel comfortable all day and they don’t slide down while exercising. The length is perfect and the tights are squat proof - literally perfect tights!

Natasha M

WOW! These are the most comfortable tights ever, I wear them all the time. They are perfect for chilling, everyday life and to work out in. They keep everything in place and don’t slide down.

My B

Love the ribbed seamless material! The thickness of the tights holds you in all the right places, but don’t feel restricted. So comfy. The waistband sits well and doesn’t move when exercising.

Sarah D

The best tights I own! The fit and feel is perfect. They feel comfortable and supportive no matter the activity.

Emira T


The aim'n story


Ribbed Seamless Tights have our signature ribbed fabric, our original design that started the ribbed trend in the fitness industry. The stretchy and soft material with slight compression make them ideal for both workouts and lounging. While Luxe Seamless tights are also made from a seamless fabric, Luxe has a different structure, has a “stiffer” feeling and is slightly more compressive than Ribbed Seamless, providing a sculpting effect.

Squat-proof tights allow you to squat, lunge and bend without revealing anything underneath. For optimal coverage, we recommend choosing tights from our Core-range, designed of a high-performance fabric that is thicker, has very dense threads and has light compressive features. Our patterned recycled tights have the same structure and are also experienced as very opaque.

Keep in mind that the lighter colours the tights have, the less opaque they feel.
We recommend our nice Invisible thongs which will be your best friend in this case :)

aim’n tights are designed for a wide range of activities, from yoga and Pilates to high-intensity workouts and running. Here are our favourite tights for different uses!

Gym: Core Tights, Motion Seamless, Ribbed Seamless, Luxe Seamless, Limitless Seamless

Running: Aim High Tights, Essential Tights, Reflective Shaping Tights, or any of our tights from our Core Range. 

Yoga/Pilates: Ribbed Seamless, Luxe Seamless, Limitless Seamless, Shimmer Tights

Athleisure: Ribbed Seamless, Luxe Seamless.

When choosing a size, start with your unique body shape. With a super narrow waist, you may have to choose the smaller size with the risk of getting a slightly narrower feeling on the hip, or vice versa. Generally, we always recommend that you choose the smaller size if you choose between two. Some of our tights may run large or small in size, which is specified in the product text to help you find your perfect pair. 

For guidance regarding sizing and how to measure, please refer to the aim’n size guide.

Of course! Our Maternity tights celebrate you and your little one’s journey with room for your growing bump. Suitable for working out and yoga sessions, our maternity tights are created in a super-soft, 4-way stretch with a comfortable high waistband that covers your belly - are the perfect complement to your maternity wardrobe. See our range of maternity tights here.

Absolutely. We offer tights from age/size 62-86 to 134-146. Check out our Mini collection here.

- Wash your aim'ns in no more than 30 degrees Celsius.

- Don’t use softener, it weakens the compression in the material.

- A good tip is to use a washing bag which will help protect your clothes from other garments with hard parts or with Velcro and to wash similar colours together.

- Let your tights hang dry, but not in direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

aim’n tights are available in several different lengths. Our Ribbed Seamless tights are available in full length, 7/8 length, biker shorts and a midi biker shorts length. The four-way stretch used in our tights is very flexible and can be stretched both width-and lengthwise, making our tights suitable for those who have both long and short legs. 

If you think our tights look long, we have a trick on how to put them on to be able to adjust the length well. Put on your aimn’s as you put on a pair of pantyhose. Pull the tights over your toes and foot, then through the entire heel. After that, you can gradually pull the tights upwards in a series of gentle movements over the calves, knees and thighs. This technique helps the tights keep their shape and do not feel too long, they also allow you to get the compression on top of the right muscles. So smart!

We always want to offer a wide range of colours, and the same colour can be found in different models and structures. If you want a matching set, double check so that the product name is correct. Our designers always make our collections easy to mix and match with each other. We love when you create outfits that suit your own taste and that you feel your very best in!

Behind our tights is our experience and knowledge of everything that most women want and wish for in workout clothes. Our design team has thought about the following, so that you can focus on doing the activities that you love - with full freedom of movement!

SECOND-SKIN FEEL - Feels like wearing next to nothing! We work with supersoft materials and designs that shape you in all the right places and feel supportive without restricting your movements.

SQUAT PROOF - Many of our tights are completely squat-proof, allowing you to squat, lunge and bend without revealing anything underneath.

QUICK-DRY - Keep cool and comfortable during your workouts! All our fabrics are quick-drying, which means providing maximum comfort for you.

MOISTURE-WICKING - Moisture wicking materials get the sweat off your skin to keep you cool and dry and minimises visible sweat stains.

HIGH WAIST - aim’n tights have a flattering high waist that supports your body, doesn’t roll down and keeps everything in place - even during your sweatiest workouts.

4-WAY STRETCH - For ultimate freedom of movement. This means that the fabric stretches and recovers both width and lengthwise and moves with your body in every activity. Stretch and move as much as you want in any direction with no sheering in the fabric.