Washing Instructions

Follow these easy tips to keep your clothes in shape and the prints in place!

- Wash your aim'ns in no more than 30 degrees Celsius.

- Don’t use softener, it weakens the compression in the material.

- A good tip is to use a washing bag which will help protect your clothes from other garments with hard parts or with Velcro and to wash similar colours together.

- Let your clothes hang dry, but not in direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.


Due to the Shape fabric’s characteristics, lines may appear since the garment has been folded during transportation. You may notice some fold lines when you unpack your garment. No worries - it's totally normal!

To smooth out the lines:

Simply wear the garment for a bit, and the fold lines will fade away. You can also gently iron or steam your garment or wash in 30 degrees according to the care label instructions and lay flat to dry. You can also hang the garment in your closet instead of folding it again.