aim'n concept store

Welcome to the world’s first aim’n Concept Store.
A store loaded with colors, inspiration and motivation!

In May 2016 we opened the doors to our first aim’n Concept Store, located in Halmstad, Sweden. We opened in Halmstad since it is the town where the dream became reality. In our store, you can meet our wonderful crew that spreads the goal of aim’n - to inspire and motivate our customers to an active lifestyle!

By arranging different activities, like yoga, stand up paddle boarding and workout classes, we want to engage our customers and offer them, not only great products, but the complete aim’n-concept. Inspiration and motivation is a key factor of a happy lifestyle!

The store also has a lot of fun things to check out, you can for instance write down your dreams and put in our “dream jar”, say hello to our store mascot Roxie the French Bulldog, or take a photo in one of our “happy/photo spots”.

“We want every customer to leave our store with a big smile on their face

and with the belief that no dream is too big!”

– Malin, Store Manager at aim’n store.

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aim'n store